Deb Clayabout the writer*artist

pieces of me

fiction mingled with fact. things i pretend. people i have been. a place, a voice. my tune
or the mirror to it. scenes played out in my head, in variation, the time of day changed or
maybe this time the window was left open or there was no dog. all pieces of me whether
it is the truth or something trying to sound like it.
like a puzzle.
mind teaser twister find the outline the border the thing that doesn't change shows the
edge confines the rest. but oh
i am not of that kind.
that kind has instructions as to use, number of pieces, a diagram/map to follow, for ages
12 to adult.
this kind has infinite pieces, combinations
no map no diagram no chart
you can find me in the field

forest labyrithI was born and mostly raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but now make my home with my husband on Vancouver Island in a rural area just past the town of Sooke.

My fluctuating path through the University of Calgary took me from the sciences to literature and finally to social work where I received my BWS in 1980. My learning curve has taken me through courses in creative writing, art therapy, yoga, desktop publishing, web design and a wide range of art courses including clay work, sculpture, metal work and mixed media.


I do love a challenge.
unfinished sculpture: fired clay, paint finish, no display stand yet

I consider myself an always-developing writer and artist and thrive on experimentation, exploration and interaction in different media which allows me to "speak" in many different languages of creation. I also thrive on "community" - sharing thoughts and ideas with others and so I am involved with various local committees and groups to do with writing and the arts. My studio is at my home and here: earthword studios.

My work takes me inside and outside and follows the path of imagination>creation>expression

Deb Clay